Traditional Lye Soap - Gentle

Traditional Lye Soap - Gentle
Item# M02
$4.25, 10/$29.50

Product Description

Looking for a daily, gentle bar of soap for your face and body? This is our gentle recipe for lye soap. A long lasting bar of gentle soap perfect for all skin types. This handmade lard lye soap has a moderate lather.

Over time, this soap will become tan to light brown due to the oils oxidizing. It has an indefinite shelf life as many people have been reported to used a bar that is over 5 years old and are still happy with the lather and feel.

$4.25 for each 4.5 ounce bar. Ingredients: Lard, Water and Lye (sodium hydroxide).

Buy 10 for just $2.95 per bar and save.

Can't decide? Check out our Lye Soap Variety Pack - 5 Basic Soaps and 5 Traditional (Gentle) Lye Soaps for $29.50

Customer Comments

"I want you to know that I have just recently become aware of the chemicals in the products I have used in the past - auggh!!! - so I decided to try some traditional things, including lye soap - I have been doing "comparison" testing and of all the products I have tried, you guys are BY FAR THE best!!! I use the gentle lye soap for both body and hair! My hair, which is color treated and fine, has NEVER been in this good shape! I forgot how curly and beautiful it once was and now is again for the first time in years!!! You now have a faithful customer for life!!! THANK YOU for giving me back my healthy skin and hair!" Bree NYC

"I'm a fairly new customer, and wanted to let you know: Your traditional lye soap is great! I have sensitive skin AND live in a desert climate. Finding a truly gentle, unscented soap seemed like a lost cause -- until I found yours. Your soap not only cleans well, it leaves my skin soft. I don't have to use lotion all the time anymore. And, the bar lasts a long time -- great value for the money! People have been asking me what I use on my face and hands ... the difference is that noticeable. They can't believe it's simply your soap and water!

Thank you for making a great product at a fair price. Please don't ever stop making it. " Kathy in Arizona

Allergies or Fragrance Sensitivities?

Are you purchasing these soaps because you have allergies to fragrance and prefer unscented products? Let us know at checkout that you prefer unscented samples in the comment box.

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