Salves & Liniments

Salves & Liniments
Whether you need some help with dry cracked skin or looking for an old time thick, sticky drawing salve, MoSoap handcrafts from scratch each of the balms and liniments.

The pine tar used in our salves is creosote-free, kiln-burnt pine tar. It's still handmade in Sweden and is of the highest purity. While you will read many claims to these pine tar products on the web, by law, all we can say is that they help to relieve dry skin. Below is our recommendations based on customer questions and comments.

Black Drawing Liniment is best for very intense dry spots (like those associated with exczema or psoriasis), or if you have a small bug bite or splinter. This liniment will stick to your clothes and make a mess if not used with care. Plus, it smells terrible if we say so ourselves!

Black Herbal Salve is made with a blend of castor oil so it is soothing to the hands and feet. It can be rubbed on the skin to use as a hand cream or left on with socks to help dry, cracked skin. The light essential oil blend of lavender and tea tree helps to cut some of the natural pine tar scent.

No matter what you read on the web, DON'T eat either one of our black salves to cure a medical condition!

Red Clover Herbal Balm
Fragrant herbal blend
Black Herbal Salve
Pine tar salve for dry skin.
Black Drawing Liniment
Easily sliding tin.
Black Herbal Salve - Family Size
Customer Comments:

"The black salve really, really works on itching." Carole in New Jersey

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