Pine Tar Soap

Pine Tar Soap
Old and young will find these pine tar soaps refreshing and loaded with lather. We make no claims on these soaps on what they do for some folks, but they are our most popular soaps.

Sweden is the home of old time pine tar in our opinion and we now use kiln-burnt pine tar imported from Sweden. Kiln-burnt pine tar contains no creosote and is hand made still to this day.

The highest percentage of pine tar soaps listed are the Black Pine Tar, Swedish Pine Tar or the Shampoo Bar with all containing around 25-28% pine tar. All of our other Pine Tar Soaps have roughly 15% pine tar in the recipe. The Black Pine Tar Soaps contain lard, the Shampoo bars are all vegetarian and the Swedish is primarily with olive oil (vegan) and without coconut oil for those with allergies.

Black Pine Tar Soap
Thick, black pine tar soap made the old fashioned way.
$4.95, 10/$39.50
Swedish Tar Soap
Unscented but smokey
$6.50, 10/$57.50
Lil' Bits - Unscented
An unscented mix of soaps
$4.25, 10/$34.00
Lavender Pine Tar Soap
Fresh lavender essential oil
$4.95, 10/$39.50
Gentlemen's Pine Tar Soap
Cedar & Lime scented pine tar soap
$4.95, 10/$39.50
Pine Tar Shampoo Bar
Tea Tree scented pine tar soap
$4.95, 10/$39.50
Patchouli Pine Tar Soap
Patchouli with oranges pine tar soap
$4.95, 10/$39.50
Variety Pack Pine Tar Soaps
Pick and choose your favorites
Scent1:  Scent2:  Scent3:  Scent4:  Scent5:  Scent6:  Scent7:  Scent8:  Scent9:  Scent10: 
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Customer Comments

"An excellent product and quick delivery. I suffer from psoriasis and their tar soap is terrific.It is very soothing on my skin. It has a pleasant smell unlike alot of other tar soaps. I will be trying their Gentleman's tar soap next." James in Pennsylvannia

"Their soap is a Godsend. Without it my face would be covered in rash. Thank you MoSoap!" Charles in Michigan

"I had two red, dry dime sized blotcheds on each side of my nose. I was like this for over a year. I tried Eucerin, which works great for chapped stuff, but not what I had (still no idea what it is) But after using your Black Pine Tar soap they are GONE! I have psoriasis patches on my elbows and a small spot on my knee, while not cured there is a very noticeable difference. The scales are gone, the red is still there though, hopefully that will go away with more use! I tried (another brand) pine tar soap which smells great, but didn't really help my skin as much as yours. BTW The Swedish and black pine tar soaps are completely stinkin up my bathroom, i love it!! I will definitely order more soap if I can ever kill these two pine tar bars, they seem to be long lasting! Well for what it is worth, thanks for making great soaps!! Nick

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