Laundry Soap

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Just like bar lye soap, every family has a secret recipe for making up laundry soap just right. Here's some of my favorite recipes and ways to use our Grated Lye Soap.

On average if the soap is grated, most people use 1/4 cup or less. That works out in bar form to one of our 4.5 ounce soaps. If you buy by the log, cut the soap logs into 1" size thickness and that's about 4.5 ounces.

Old Fashion Lye Soap Laundry Recipe

If you like saving money and create a powerful cleanser, add equal parts of borax and/or baking soda to the grated lye soap. The borax you can find at any grocery store and it's about $4 for 10 lbs here in Missouri, same with large bags of baking soda. Borax will help boost lathering and may break up any clumping in case you have hard water. There is the brand 20 Mule Team and I just use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Grate a bar of the soap and mix the dry ingredients of one part soap to one part borax and/or baking soda.

You don't need to add baking soda to the Lemon Fresh Laundry soap becausae the baking soda will start to neutralize the essential oil fragrance, remember baking soda is odor absorbing!

MaeErma Jane's Laundry Soap Recipe

Here's her secret favorite recipe for making up her lye laundry soap. My grandmother loves fragrance but doesn't like expensive essential oils for laundry.

One pound of grated lye soap

One box of bubble bath powder in her favorite fragrance (she loves Calgon Fresh Aloe for $1 or less a box)

One pound of Borax

And at the rinse cycle, one cup of white vinegar

The vinegar acts as a natural fabric softner so no need for expensive fabric softner. Don't use the expensive apple vinegar, just the least costly white vinegar works wonders.

You can liquify the grated soap.

I use one part soap to 2 parts water and leave it in an wide mouth, open container on the washer. It's sort of a thick pasty goo, almost pearl looking in color. Use an wide mouth container because when you first mix up the soap and water it seems like it will be runny, but over time it thickens. I let it sit over night and just stir maybe 2 -3 times very gently. The soap will dissolve usually over night if grated down first. Dropping a bar in water is going to take a while but can be done. Some people warm the water to speed up the process. Most store brand liquid soaps are 50%to 70 percent water so that will give you an idea if you want runnier soap to use washing.