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Spring is here! That means trees will start budding and allergy sufferers will start sneezing. Need some relief from the scents of spring? Try our fragrance-free products formulated with fragrance or essential oils. Take a break and ease into warmer weather, with our natural soaps.

Don't forget about poison ivy and oak starting to sprout! Make sure to stock up on our Basic Lye Soap to help dry up problems areas.

Spring time Fragrance Free Products

All of our soaps are made from scratch using the cold process soap making method - that's mixing oils, water and lye to create a humble bar of handmade soap.

"I placed an order with you last week, and it arrived yesterday. I opened it up to find not just my two soaps, but a batch of beautifully wrapped goodies. A magnet, a coupon, and two "samples" that were almost the size of many companies' regular soaps. I am so impressed with your quality, customer service, and those little touches that remind me why buying from small businesses is best. Thank you again!" Elizabeth B.

"I really like the service I got with MoSoap. The product was more than I expected and when I would send an email with a question they returned an answer quickly." Melonie in Florida

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