Basic Lye Soap - Strong

Basic Lye Soap - Strong
Item# M01
$4.25, 10/$29.50

Product Description

Simply basic, strong, unscented lye soap - nothing added to make it anything more than that!

It's pure soap without extra moisturizing oils. In fact, most people find it to be a drying soap. That makes it perfect for washing clothes, floors and oily skined people. This is the soap with the reputation for fighting insect bites, poison ivy, head lice and making "Mom's hands red".

There's no excess lye to hurt the skin, but most soapmakers like to make soaps that are soothing to the skin. This isn't the soap for that, we recommend our Traditional Lye Soap if you want a great everyday bath bar. With the perfect blend of oils and lye, MoSoap creates a soap that won't leave clothes smelling rancid (that means too much excess oil in the soap), makes a great spot cleaner and works wonders on poison oak and ivy.

$4.25 for each 4.5 ounce bar Our soap is made with tallow, lard, water and lye (sodium hydroxide).

Just $2.95 each when you buy 10 at a time.

Can't decide? Check out our Lye Soap Variety Pack - 5 Basic Soaps and 5 Traditional (Gentle) Lye Soaps for $29.50

Looking for Grated Lye Soap for laundry? You'll find our popular laundry soap with in our Laundry & Kitchen Soap section. The bars work great for collars and the grated soap is perfect for mixing with borax and baking soda for everyday washing.

Allergies or Fragrance Sensitivities?
Are you purchasing these soaps because you have allergies to fragrance and prefer unscented products? Let us know at checkout that you prefer unscented samples in the comment box.

Customer Comments:

"Hey, that stuff worked great! I just used it - - - no more itch. Cool The p.ivy is still there, but each morning or eve. when I shower I just put the lye soap on it and leave it. Thanks," C.G. in Missouri

"I have just received your basic lye soap and used it on my dog for fleas. Let me tell you that the fleas do not like it they were just falling off him. So I thank you .." Melonie in Florida

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